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  • Injazat Financials meets all your accounting requirements. It is designed as an accounting program that provides financial reports such as the Balance Sheet, the Income statement, and the Trail Balance efficiently.
  •  The Human Resources Package is one of the most advanced personnel Information Management System, it easily performs all management operations such as vacations, letters, WPS, end of service, and connection to the Muqeem website.
  • The Real Estate Package enables you to manage your properties and perform all property management operations with high efficiency and saves you time and effort, it is considered one of the best Packages in the market.
  • The Fixed Assets Package is used to manage and control your assets in order to calculate the monthly depreciation and post it to the financial package. It allows scheduling maintenance of assets to ensure reliable performance. It can issue assets to employees and projects on a custody basis.
  • The Manufacturing Package provides excellent flexibility, providing all the tools necessary to supervise, monitor and improve manufacturing processes.
  • Injazat Business Intelligence for data analysis enables you to make discoveries and enact appropriate strategies wherever you are, whenever you want.

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