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Fixed Assets

Track your valuable Fixed Assets more efficiently now

Why choose Injazat Fixed Assets?

Our fixed assets package puts the tools you need to monitor, track and manage your fixed assets easily and efficiently, increasing productivity and maximizing asset value.


  • Categorize each asset to enable easy access when needed.
  • Automatically calculate monthly depreciation across all assets.
  • Stay on top of maintenance with comprehensive scheduling tools.
  • Extensive ownership recording; track current and previous custodians of every asset.
  • The internal document management system allows all essential paperwork to be centralized.
  • Assign assets to specific projects and track them online.
  • Depreciation reports generated as required.
  • Bar Code label printing for every asset from within the package.
  • Track warranty expiration and other data for every asset.
  • Flexible maintenance reporting solution for all assets.
  • Calculate current book value for all assets in the system.
  • Injazat Fixed Assets integrates with the Financials package and, the Human Resources Package.
  • An asset has an asset number, an Arabic and English description and date of purchase. Additionally, the department and section it is currently in, details of the custodian and details of the asset itself like make, model number, serial number and warranty date of expiration. The previous custodians’ details will be shown particularly the from and to dates of custody.
  • The depreciation methods supported are “Fixed Depreciation Amount per period” “Depending on Percentage”, “Straight Line Method”, “Reducing Depreciation Amount Per Period” and “No depreciation”. Additionally, the following must be specified: Asset cost, percentage depreciation and In-Service Date.
  • The asset’s depreciation history gives details of the month and year of depreciation, the value of the asset, the annual depreciation percentage, the period depreciation, the year to date depreciation and accumulated depreciation. Also, the current book value of the asset.
  • For asset document a document type can be an Invoice, Warranty card etc., plus a document number needs to be specified, city and country of issue. Additionally, the date of issue and expiry date. Remarks and pictures of the asset can be optionally added.
  • Depreciation will be calculated for the next period due and will display the result in tree- format. Values will be displayed at asset heading level and it is possible to drill down to reach the desired asset heading or specific asset. Values displayed are for: Actual Asset Value, Period Depreciation, Year-To-Date Depreciation, Accumulated Depreciation and current Book Value.

The major features of the Fixed Assets management package

Asset Classification

A flexible, hierarchical classification system for all assets. So, assets can be classed as vehicles, a car, a truck and so on.

Asset Documents

Record all essential documents for each asset in a central digital archive, including warranty certificates, purchase invoices and more.

Asset Integration

Seamlessly integrates with our Financials and Human resources packages, making it simple to record monthly depreciation and asset custody data.

Asset administration

Issue assets to individuals as custody assets or projects in progress allowing for simple tracking and follow-up procedures.

Asset Maintenance

Schedule all maintenance for proactive management of asset integrity. Organize by type of asset, schedule by time period or specific use count, such as vehicle mileage.

Asset Depreciation

Determine suitable depreciation type for each asset and automatically calculate depreciation.

Bar Code Printing

Print bar codes for each asset directly from within the package for accurate tracking and identification.

Asset Disposition

Sell assets and post profit or loss directly to your accounts through integration with our financial package.

Asset Reports

Generate numerous detailed reports covering every aspect of asset usage and financials.
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Our clients


Here is what some of our customers are saying about our Fixed Assets Management package.

With many assets and projects to deal the package made our tasks much easier and tracking the assets accurate.
Hussein Ali Hashim

Accountant, Vision Advanced Company, Riyadh

We were able to organize our vehicle maintenance schedules for optimal operations through the package.
Emad Okasha

Accountant, Amel Al Khair Feeds Company, Riyadh

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