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Here is how to manage your Human Resources now

Why choose Injazat Human Resources?

Our tailored Human resources management software solution delivers a range of features that enhances HR operations and streamlines resource management.


  • Manage all employee vacations, loans, and letter requests.
  • Easily comply with all Saudi Labor Laws and calculate End-Of-Service employee benefits accurately and quickly.
  • Avoid expired Iqama penalties with centralized employee document maintenance.
  • Update employee Iqama and passport data directly from the Muqeem website.
  • Implement the Saudi WPS (Wages Protection System) by generating payroll data in compliance with Saudi bank formats for smooth direct bank payment to employees.
  • Calculate monthly salaries with data taken directly from attendance machines for complete accuracy.
  • Injazat Human Resources integrates with the Financials package and, the Fixed Assets Package.
  • Basic features cover employee company and personal specific data, employee contract details, earnings and deductions, performance evaluation, experience history, training attended, dependents’ data and vacations request history.
  • The system produces an electronic archival system for all employee documents, allowing files to be scanned and saved as PDF or JPEG images (like Iqama, passport, certificate, etc.).
  • Automatic notification of:
    o Employee and company documents about to expire.
    o Employees on vacation and their return dates.
    o Employee requests needing attention
    o Employees whose tenure as reached five years.
  • Setup the company structure as departments, sections, and cost centers, this facilitates the Easy customer structure creation to allow for detailed reporting per department, section or cost center.
  • Comprehensive employee contract records, including type, duration, number of days of annual leave and the bank account number to which the employee salary will be transferred.
  • Define all leave types such as annual leave, partial leave, leave without pay, etc. and credit the appropriate leave to each employee, including reporting on any remaining unused leave.
  • Calculate leave and ticket values employee is entitled to for the period worked.
  • Easily manage employee requests such as a leave request, advance request, permission request, etc., allowing the request to be followed-up and the acceptance or rejection notice sent via an SMS text message to the employee’s mobile.
  • Fast preparation of forms and letters such as salary notification letter, experience certificate, etc. The letter can be drafted once and then merged with the employee’s data for delivery when needed.
  • Record employee loans and the installments that are to be deducted from the employee’s salary. Additionally, loans can also be deducted from the end of service benefits.
  • Salaries are calculated based on the benefits and deductions specified in the employee file with the possibility of adding other benefits and deductions manually or by importing them from an Excel file or posting from the attendance system (fingerprint).
  • Salary slips can be emailed directly to each employee.
  • Easily set up templates for texts that allows messages, including salary details, to be sent directly to any employee’s phone via SMS.
  • Each system user’s account can be configured to allow access to specific screens to maintain operational integrity.
  • Social Insurance salary percentages can be entered to enable automated calculation of values, which are then deducted from employee salaries for both Saudis and none Saudis.
  • End of service benefits is calculated according to the Saudi Labor Office regulations, covering termination of contract, dismissal or resignation with the possibility of adding other benefits and deductions in the final end of service benefit calculation.
Human Resources management team

major features of the Human Resources & Payroll package

Define company structure

You can define the company structure simply and effectively, including companies, branches and departments, along with sections and cost centers.

Manage Employee Contracts

Track all employee data from a single interface, including contract type, duration, expiration and other terms for each individual.

Loan and deduction management

Record all employee payment advances and monthly payment arrangements, along with calculating social insurance deductions required from their salary.

Organize Employee Documents

Easily manage and archive employee documents. Download data directly from the Muqeem website, attach images or PDF files as needed and upload it to the HR package.

Schedule and Track Vacations

Use our HR software to define and track all types of vacation, and automatically calculate employee leave benefits including month due salary and ticket values where needed.

Calculate end of service benefits

Ensure compliance with Saudi Labor Office regulations with our HR software. Automatically calculate end-of-service benefits in the case of contract termination, dismissal or resignation.

Employee Request Management

Enter employee requests and notify the employee of the outcome via SMS to his mobile, in case of acceptance or rejection.

Simple Form and Letter Templates

Quickly create templates for your forms and letters to streamline administration saving time and money.

Accurate Payroll Register Creation

Process payroll using retrieved attendance data and post through the Wage Protection Service with just a few clicks.

Employee Notifications for payroll payments

Create a template payroll message and automatically send notifications via SMS or email.

Provide complete digital support

HR package integrates with an online system that allows employees to connect online, submit requests and receive responses quickly.

Extensive Reporting

With a vast range of reporting options, our HR software solution provides essential data on employees, salaries and other costings vacations and more.

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Our clients


Here is what some of our customers are saying about our Human Resources & Payroll (HRMS) package.

The feature of raising salaries to the bank through the Wage Protection Service, included in the system, has made it easier for us to pay employee salaries.
Munira Khader

Managing Seretary, Al-Ajyal Schools, Riyadh

The vacations screen has made it easier for us to complete the various leave processes, including tracking leave balances for each employee.
Maree Banajher

Head of Personnel Department, SKAB Group Of Companies, Jeddah

We avoided having to pay fines for the delay in renewing Iqamas and other employee documents through alerts issued by Injazat Human Resources.
Ahmed Ghazi Hawari

HR Manager, Al Murjan Investment, Jeddah

Updating employee Iqama and passport data became easy after downloading it from Muqeem website, and updating employee files directly.
Ahmed Gadroh

Administration Manager, Abdullah Al-Harkan Establishment., Jeddah

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