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Data Analytics

Analyze your valuable data for hidden interesting leads now

Why choose Injazat Data Analytics for data analysis?

Developed using the cutting-edge technology of the Qlik Sense environment, Injazat’s data analysis app ushers in a new generation of analytics tools for businesses of all sizes. Qlik Sense features a unique associative analytics engine and sophisticated AI, using its scalable cloud architecture t, creating a truly data-driven enterprise-ready for the challenges of 21st-century business.

Qlik Sense delivers for analysts and analytical experts, executives and decision-makers in every organization. Whatever the BI use case, InjazatBI can provide deeper insight and finer analysis than traditional query-based BI tools.

With fully interactive mobile analytics, you can stay productive both on and offline, enabling you to make discoveries, collaborate with ease and enact strategies with data wherever you are, whenever you like.

Injazat’s data analytics app was developed for Injazat Financials and its benefits include:


  • Compare monthly sales against collections and targets.
  • Compare multi-year sets of monthly sales data to identify the best periods.
  • View and compare individual sales team members’ performance to identify the best performing.
  • Compare performance across locations to identify successful sales strategies.
  • Easily identify bestselling product lines.
  • Identify your best customers and find out how much annual profit you are making from them.
  • Discover your best-performing item classes, item groups and items to see how much annual profit they generate for you.
  • Find out to which market segment your annual sales go and how much profit each segment generates.
  • Discover who buys your best selling items and how much income and profit they generate for you.
  • Find out which product classes, product groups and items generate the most sales and profit and your top customers for them. Find out also the top sales representatives, showrooms, stores, outlets and market segment for them.
  • Select a fiscal year and discover the top-selling item classes, item groups, and items, also discover the top-performing sales representatives, top buying customers and ranks of the top market segments you sell to.
  • Compare your cash sales to your credit sales, for a selected period, and see the result as a percentage or in a pie chart, a bar chart, a table or as summary figures. Filter the result set of sales, net value, collection, cost and profit using cash, credit or cash and credit as a filter. See your top-performing showrooms, stores or outlets.
  • Analyze your daily or selected period sales, sales returns, profit, gross profit percentage, collection and outstanding debts using the following selection criteria: Items, item classes, item groups, customers, sales representatives, showrooms, stores, outlets, business types and invoice type (cash, credit or cash and credit).

Below are some of the major features of Injazat’s data Analytics App

Business Performance

Quickly analyze sales, sales returns, profit, gross profit, debt collection and outstanding debts across any period from daily upwards.

Sales and Collections

Compare cash and credit sales across any timeframe, track collection performance, and outstanding debt.

Identify your Top Performers

From the bestselling product lines to the highest performing member of your sales team, you can quickly identify all and more with InjazatBI.

Best Selling Product Lines

Identify the customers driving your best performing product lines, quickly view yearly sales and profit figures for any product line.

Sales Returns

Identify product lines and customer demographics with high return rates to provide insight into the reasons for both.

Sales Representatives

Compare individual performance across your sales team to identify the best performing, ideal for refining your marketing approach.
Our clients


Here is what some of our customers are saying about our Business Intelligence Application.

Using the InjazatBI dashboard we discovered that our credit to cash invoices ratio was high and took measures to reduce it for better cash flow.
Ageel Nabil

Procurement and Financial Associate, Salim Bashai Carton Factory, Jazan

InjazatBI uncovered high value customer debts not settled for over a year, this indicated we needed to improve our debt collection procedures.
Saleh Al-Ghamdi

CEO and General Manager, Al-Amana Stores, Jeddah

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