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Injazat story

Here is what we are all about – professional software

Our story

Passionate about technology and business, we combined both to launch Injazat Information Technology, with a goal of crafting modern, easy to use bilingual business software. Leveraging our experience and insight across multiple industries, we have developed the Injazat Bilingual ERP suite, blending a simple user interface with a robust database and cutting-edge analytical tools that empower your business in every way. As a Saudi company, we understand the business rules, regulations and culture that you operate under, and therefore we developed our software for that environment, giving you everything your business needs to achieve your goals.

Our mission

To empower and support businesses through our bespoke software solutions, using a combination of cutting-edge technology and easy to use interface, all tailored for the unique needs of Middle Eastern businesses.

Our vision

To lead the way in providing the tools, insight and support businesses need to compete in the competitive global markets. By developing cutting edge software for business, we wish to build Saudi’s reputation for excellence in software and inspire the industry to greater success.

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Technical Center
Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed Street
Office 25, 3rd. Floor
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia