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Here is how to monitor your manufacturing processes

Why choose Injazat Manufacturing?

A tailored package designed to suit the needs of local manufacturing, this package offers incredible flexibility, providing all the tools needed to oversee, monitor and refine your manufacturing processes.


  • Design for the region’s manufacturing culture.
  • Flexibility to cope with phased manufacturing cycles.
  • Highly customizable to reflect factory or organizational needs.
  • Monitor every product stage individually through a single interface.
  • Easy to use illustrations and guides to master every aspect of the package.
  • Follows the international Bill of Materials (BOM) standards definition.
  • Easily define production lines and seamless links to BOM.
  • Calculate the estimated costs for the production of any product.
  • Split Manufacture of product lines into several batches.
  • Add extra raw materials to a work order as needed during the manufacturing process.
  • Easily view the progress of any work order at a glance.
  • Production costs can be easily calculated, including raw materials, labor, machinery, and all indirect costs, either by direct cost or percentages.
  • Injazat Manufacturing integrates with the Financials package.
  • Delivery of a manufactured product in whole or in part.
  • Prepare purchase orders for raw materials to secure them.
  • Print product stickers.
  • Follow up the status of work orders.
  • Ability to know the quantities available for a finished product or semi-finished product for sales, quantity under manufacture, or quantities intended to be produced.
  • Inquire about the status of closed and open purchase orders.
  • Quality control at every level of the manufacturing process.
  • The possibility of knowing the availability of raw materials to manufacture a specific product (practical production planning).
  • Prepare production plans from open sales orders.
  • Prepare production plans from closed sales orders or continuous work orders.
  • Prepare a plan to manufacture a product as continuous production order.
  • Inquire about the raw materials that go into the manufacturing a specific product, and display quantities, percentages, and graphic data.
  • Many reports on all aspects of manufacturing.

Below are some of the major features of injazat Manufacturing package

Manufacturing Life-cycle Monitoring

Monitor the entire lifecycle, from work order issuance and materials requisition to the manufacturing process, costing and delivery to warehousing.

Suitable for ALL manufacturing

Whether manufacturing a product from raw materials, or from fabricated components, whatever the process, this package has the flexibility to fit.

Develop Production Plans

Create production plans from a variety of data including Open Sales Orders, Closed sales Orders, Continuous Production Orders, allowing you to manufacture the product from a single plan.

Practical production planning

Create a work order for the raw material needed for product manufacture and automatically generate purchase orders for any shortfall in the materials.

Monitor all Manufacturing Processes

Easily track every stage of manufacturing, both the beginning and end of stages along with remaining incomplete processes.

Maintain Quality control

Quickly define factory-specific standards for every product for easy comparison to test results from manufacturing.

Monitor Work Orders

Create continuous production orders from sales orders or preset production plans.

Production line Management

Easily define each production line and link to the relevant Bill of Materials.

Product cost calculator

Takes into account raw material cost, operational costs, and labor cost as well as indirect costs to generate accurate production cost reports.
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Here is what one of our customers said about our Manufacturing package.

Since 2006 we have been using the Manufacturing and Financial Packages to manage our factory and we recommend Injazat Company for the implementation and support of the packages.
Salim Bugshan

Managing Director, Ahmed Omer Bugshan Paint Factory, Jeddah

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