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Make managing your valuable Real Estate business easy now

Why choose Injazat Real Estate?

Our bespoke Real Estate management solution provides the oversight and control needed to maximize return on investment for any property portfolio while enabling time-saving features and Saudi legislation compliance.

  • Manage property portfolios whether owned by yourself, third parties, or companies.
  • Easily communicate rent changes and evacuation orders to tenants.
  • Organize and manage land deeds, construction drawings, and other documents using the digital archival system.
  • Record rent contracts and generate VAT invoices for commercially rented property.
  • Collate vital dates such as contracts due for renewal, rent to be collected, and VAT invoices due for generation and receive reminder notifications.
  • Track under maintenance, rented, and vacant units for improved unit management.
  • Injazat Real Estate integrates with the Financials package.



    Below are some of the major features of the Real Estate package

    Private Property Management

    A comprehensive set of property management tools for individual or group ownership. Easily distribute income between multiple owners based on the percentage share of the property.

    Property Management for Third Parties

    Transparent management for third party owners with extensive built-in reporting, including income statements and rent due, either by individual property or unit.

    VAT Invoices creation

    Easily create VAT invoices for your commercial property as payments become due. Track all rent due through extensive, clear reporting.


    Issue and Monitor Rental Contracts

    Simple creation of rental contracts in either Hijri or Gregorian Calendar format, whether for a single property or multiple units, with variable term lengths from a single year upwards.


    Generate Alerts Automatically

    Stay on top of management with automatic alerts for rent due, maintenance programs, contract end dates, and VAT invoice due dates, along with vacant property alerts and more.

    Electronic Document Archiving

    Create a digital archive of essential property documents for owners and tenants, including property deeds for buildings and plots.

    Operating Ratios

    Automatically calculate operating rations for buildings and units providing easy access to critical data. Includes the number of rented and vacant units, rent values and units in maintenance.

    Track Maintenance for buildings & units

    With comprehensive maintenance reports including unit number, tenant, maintenance type, budget, and contractor assigned, easily track and manage all ongoing maintenance.


    Integration with Financials Package

    With seamless integration with the Financial Package, you can prepare essential reports easily, including building-related income and expenses, trial balances, balance sheets, and operating statements.

    VAT reporting

    Fast generation of VAT reports, including invoice number, date, rent due, VAT percentage along with value and settlement figures.

    Tenant Statements

    Quickly generate a tenant statement for single or multiple contracts.

    Comprehensive Reporting

    Templates for Tenant Contracts, Rental Units including rented or vacant, Maintenance reports, Rent Due and more.

    Download here Real Estate Management Package brochure

    Our clients


    Here is what some of our customers are saying about our Real Estate Management package.

    We have benefited from the outstanding rent, tax invoices due for issuance, units in maintenance, upcoming contracts for renewal and vacant property for rent alerts.

    Saeed Qutub

    Financial Manager, Dar Al-Mamoon, Jeddah

    One of the best screens in the package is the building status screen, it gives a complete picture in a different color for the vacant units, rented units and units in maintenance all in one place.

    Marie Al-Garni

    Property Management Manager, Nasser Abu Sarhad Company, Jeddah

    The due rent report makes it easy for us to collect due rent as it gives comprehensive details of the due rent, tenant information, and contract details.

    Mohammed Sabri

    Accountant, AlJoud House For Real Estate Services Est.

    As a property management office, we were able to extract the VAT due to the property of each owner separately and the VAT due to our office separately.
    Talal Omer

    General Manger, Tawtheeg Al-Adel Real Estate Group

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